O' let the river flow through the green valley

Zwand da pukhtano...
پښتونستان ☮

gregariouscreep-deactivated2014 said: shalom yehudi :)

Lol. Cute joke, but I’m a proud Muslim.

Anonymous said: why do so many people say Pashto is the language of hell? What does this mean? No disrespect to your people, I actually like you guys.

…The language of hell is that of what the oppressor speaks. We are not the oppressors, we are the oppressed. 

Anonymous said: Do you love Patooria? I know it is the pashtun national dish

I’m not sure what Patooria is? I don’t know much of the names of our dishes, lol. I just eat em’! haha! xD 

Anonymous said: A friend of mine told me that pashtuns wear a mushroom hat because that is the national flower of Afghanistan, is this true?

Uhhh.. I’ve never heard of that, but usually the more floral designs and more artistic looking are for special events ex. Akhtar (eid), or someones wada (wedding) etc. And the more simple ones like the ones I wear in my pics are just more casual. 

Anonymous said: Marry me?


Anonymous said: Can I be one of your 72 virgins in Jannah?

Never been asked this before… 

Anonymous said: in one of your pictures you look like you are falling on love with your reflection lol , but I don't blame you because you are beautiful

LOLLLL. It’s one photo, but I copied and meshed the same one on the other side. ! :-P

Anonymous said: can you attan?

Like no other, hit the rubab; and watch;-) 

Anonymous said: which 3 places in the world would you love to visit?


1. Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

2. Istanbul, Turkey 

3. Maldive Islands 

Anonymous said: you get a lot of compliments for your beauty, do you get this more in your own country or where you live now?

Uhhh… A lot more back home. lol, I go outside the house a lot more!  Here in the US, I just stay indoors, or go to class. Nothing else really.